Animal : Diamond, Black

Alternative Names:

In the early days of the American Circus, if an elephant killed a person, they were generally shot. On October 12, 1929, Black Diamond, an Al G. Barnes elephant killed a woman, wrecked an auto and injured two trainers in Corsicana, Texas. Black Diamond was one of the largest elephants displayed in the country at that time. He was devoted to his handler H. D. (Curley) Pritchett, however when Eva Speed Donohoo hired Mr. Pritchett, he left the show to oversee her plantation and its animals. Unfortunately this hiring transaction took place in front of Black Diamond and the elephant never forgot seeing his trainer leaving with Eva. More than a year latter, Pritchett returned to Corsicana and helped unload the animals and was reunited with Black Diamond. It was during the circus parade in Corsicana, Black Diamond spotted Eva in the crowd and charging her, killing her seeking revenge for his trainer leaving him. John Ringling, who had recently purchased the show, wired the show to kill the elephant in some humane way. Black Diamond was shot October 16, 1929 in Kenedy, Texas.

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