Step Right Up


So many people have helped in the preparation of this book, it's hard to know how to begin to thank them all. We'll start with our good life-partners, Joan Z. Rough and Mary Frances Hoh. They have offered their photographic artistry and their reading skills, as well as their encouragement and their suggestions; and they have patiently endured many months of being ignored. We also wish to thank all the other members of our families for their support, and in particular, LaVahn's mother, Mrs. Leland Hoh, for taking him to his first circus, and his daughter, Jennifer, for enduring eighteen years of being taken to the circus.

We particularly want to thank circus historians Joe McKennon, Fred D. Pfening, III, and Stuart Thayer, who have devoted many hours to sharing their love of the circus with us, and assuring that our facts are rendered as accurately as possible.

We are grateful to all the good people who are directly or indirectly a part of circus in America—the performers, the owners, the roustabouts, the secretaries, the spectators, the fans, and the historians—old and new friends who have shared their stories, their suggestions, their knowledge, their experiences, their skills, and their observations with us. They have eased our access to information, and added life to our picture of the circus in America. Among them are Jan Rok Achard, David "Spider" Alton, Joe Anderson, Branden Baily, David Balding, Elvin Bale, Trevor Bale, Frank Ball, Bill Ballantine, Lou Bird, Betty Black, Allen J. Bloom, Lyman H. Bond, the Boumi Temple, Bill Brickle, Gordon Brown, Vince Bruce, Chuck Burnes, Guy Caron, Jim Carpenter, D. M. "Elmo Gibb" Chambers, Jimmy Cole, Robin Crivello, Nancy Cutlip, Fred Dahlinger, Wayne Daniel, Michele Desmarais, Eileen Dillmann, Doris Earl, Jeff Earl, Kenneth Feld, Franklin O. Felt, Judy Finelli, June Forsythe, Jim Foster, Boris Frank, Pat Frank, Wayne Franzen, John Frick, Tim Frisco, John Fugate, John Fulghum, Hank Godlewski, Harry Hammond, Tommy Hanneford, Linda Heath, Kathleen R. Herb, John Herriott, Allan C. Hill, Barbara Hoffman, Yaro Hoffman, Doug Holwadel, Robert Houston, Susan S. Hurst, Conrad Hyers, Alan Inkles, Dolly Jacobs, Lou Jacobs, Lynn Metzger Jacobs, Terrell "Cap" Jacobs, III, Jimmy James, Dominique Jando, Mary Ann Jensen, Sheila Jewell, Patty Britt Johnson, Edward D. (Ted) Jones, Jr., Jim Judkins, Paul V. Kaye, John Kelly, Jim Kieffer, Dave Knoderer, Michael Kohlreiser, David Kovacs, Theresa Lamb, Brian LaPalme, Joshua Leeds, Betty Llewellyn, Fred Logan, Don Marcks, Bill McCarthy, John McGinn, Marian McKennon, Denise McLean, Rob Mermin, Alan Meredith, D. R. Miller, Florence Oliver, Donny Osman, Glen Parkins, Bob Parkinson, Greg Parkinson, Sacha Pavlata, Bob Pelton, Bruce Pfeffer, Manuel W. Phelps, Barbara Pike, Larry Pisoni, James M. Pitts, Carol Pizzo, David Poist, Jerry Polacek, Bruce Pratt, Brigitte Pugh, Johnny Pugh, Karen Pugh, Paul Pugh, Chris Rawls, David Rawls, Harry Rawls, Fred R. Reed, Nancy Renner, Michael "Buster" Rosman, Rod Ruby, Elka Schumann, Jerry Showalter, J. J. Silva, Alan B. Slifka, Dick Smith, Steve "T. J. Tatters" Smith, Peggy Snider, Ward Stauth, Renee L. Storey, Wilson Storey, John Stubblefield & Stubblefield Custom Color, Elissa "Freckles" Tatton, David Tetrault, John Towsen, The University of Virginia, David Van Derveer, Cliff Vargas, Bonnie Vickers, Rodney Wainwright, Darryl Wallace, Fred Weil, Mary "Sigmund Frog" Wengrzyn, Chuck Werner, Ben Williams, Rheva Williams, Thomas E. "Topper" Williams, Joan Zieger, and John Zweifel.

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